Top 10 New AdWords Features Of 2017

Unlike 2016, Google wasn't quite on such a rampage to release new AdWords features in 2017. Obviously, wrapping up and launching the new AdWords interface is a big undertaking. This job has diverted some attention away from other things. Still, Google did innovate this year, and if you didn't update with new features your campaigns were probably left in the dust. First, a quick note, many of the new features are only available in the new AdWords interface. Without further ado here [...]

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How To Optimize An Old AdWords Account

If you've adopted an old Google AdWords account you may be wondering where to start. Mature AdWords accounts come with a unique set of opportunities and challenges. Even before you start your audit, there are some things we can do to make life easier. Cleaning House Mature AdWords accounts typically contain a lot of old out of date campaigns. The first step in your cleanup should be to mark all the campaigns you won't need moving forward. Select each inactive campaign [...]

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What New AdWords Ad Rotation Settings Mean For You

Like it or not, Google AdWords ad rotation settings are changing on September 25th. The good news is that the simplified settings will improve campaign management and prevent a mismatch between bidding and ad rotation strategies. The bad news is, yep, this may cause some performance issues with your campaigns if you don't implement the new system correctly. Today I'll explain what's changing and guide you through what changes you need to make to address the compulsory update. What are the [...]

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Must Have Chrome Extensions For SEO & PPC

SEOs & PPC Marketers tend to be extremely busy people. Any edge you can gain to improve efficiency enhances what you do. Today I'm going to provide you with my personal list of Chrome Extensions for SEO and PPC power users. If you use Firefox, don't worry... most of these browser Extensions do exist for that browser too. Note that I have excluded popular Extensions that require paid accounts to use most of the utility, e.g. Mozbar. DISCLOSURE: Some [...]

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How To Implement AdWords Promotion Extensions

As part of the new AdWords interface, Google has introduced new Promotion Extensions. These are absolutely brilliant for any advertiser that regularly offers discounts on select services or products. If you have access to the new interface beta you can start using them right now. Today, I'll go over the nuts and bolts of Promotion Extensions, and how you can use them strategically in your AdWords campaigns. What are Promotion Extensions? Promotion extensions are clickable discounts that appear below your [...]

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