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Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for the ads?2023-09-25T10:46:13-05:00

Our clients retain ownership over their ad accounts and pay all direct ad costs. Importantly, by paying for your own direct ad costs you avoid markups and enjoy full transparency and control over these important assets. If you ever decide to work with another agency you can easily disconnect our access and keep all of your campaigns and historical performance data.

If you’d like to work with us but don’t currently have your own ad accounts we can assist you to create them.

What payment options do you offer?2023-06-08T06:00:12-05:00

Canadian clients may pay us in Canadian dollars by major credit card, bank transfer, or company cheque.

Clients located outside of Canada may pay us in US dollars by major credit card, company check, or wire transfer ($1,000 minimum applies for wires).

Note: clients that pay us by credit card may also opt for automatic monthly charges

What are the benefits of working with a Microsoft Select Advertising Partner?2023-06-07T09:41:22-05:00

Microsoft Advertising Partners have demonstrated their expertise by managing a minimum volume of ad spend and by certifying their PPC managers.

Partners have access to Microsoft agency reps, advanced support options, and access to industry reports and specialized training. Choosing to work with a Microsoft Advertising Partner ensures that you’re working with an agency that takes their qualifications seriously.

Select Advertising Partners like us manage more total ad spend & client accounts, and have demonstrated more growth than other partners.

How do you calculate the 66% increase in conversions?2023-07-26T13:26:21-05:00

We compare 3 months prior to starting with the first 3 months working with a new client. We then calculate the weighted average, adjusted for ad spend, and round to the nearest whole number. Our first round of calculations was performed in February of 2018 with a result of 59%. We updated our calculations in August 2021 and again in July 2023 and arrived at the current result of 66%.

Note: we exclude (don’t count) client accounts that go through significant conversion tracking changes as part of our onboarding process.

What are the benefits of working with a Facebook Business Partner?2022-02-26T11:55:58-05:00

Facebook Business Partners have access to specialized training directly from Facebook.

Furthermore, we can access support instantly via Facebook Messenger or by Phone 24/7. This ensures that problems such as disapproved ads can be resolved quickly and you avoid extended periods of campaign or account downtime.

What are the benefits of working with a Google Premier Partner?2023-06-07T09:43:16-05:00

Google Partner agencies have demonstrated an outstanding mastery of Google Ads and have met high standards of management for their portfolio of clients. Working with a Google Partner ensures that you are working with experts in the field.

In addition, Partners have dedicated Google reps to assist with strategic account management, access to special training programs, and other benefits.

All Google Partners are required to maintain accounts above a certain quality level, to be trained and certified on all aspects of Google Ads, and to follow Google’s best practices.

Premier Partners manage more ad spend and client accounts, and have demonstrated a higher level of growth with Gooole Ads. These partners, like us, enjoy access to more specialized training and, more support options, and access to early beta programs for our clients.


Are there ad spend minimums for your PPC services?2022-02-26T11:57:19-05:00

Yes, our clients must spend an average of at least $2.5K/month in direct ad spend. This ensures that:

(a) we have enough clicks and/or conversions each month to properly optimize your campaigns, and
(b) that our fees don’t represent an unreasonably high overhead relative to direct ad costs

If this amount of budget is a stretch for your company, we’re simply not the right fit.

What automated Google Ads scripts do you use?2022-08-12T05:53:38-05:00

We’ve implemented 3 custom Google Ads scripts that we use universally:

Daily Metrics – This script outputs comparative client account KPIs by day, week, and month into an easily digestible spreadsheet report we check each day. This allows us to quickly monitor for any variance from the nominal performance. It’s very helpful in catching problems like overspending, drops in conversion rate, credit card payment issues, and so forth.

Link Checker – This script checks that all client ad and site link extension links are pointing to valid landing pages, i.e. not an error or soft landing 404 page. This has saved clients a lot of wasted ad spend. The script runs daily and sends us an email with details if any issues are found.

Disapproved Products Checker – This script (for our Google Shopping clients) checks the number of SKUs in Merchant Center that are disapproved and sends us a notice if the number goes beyond a preset target threshold. This script runs daily and facilitates a rapid response to any major shopping feed issues.

In addition, we use a range of speciality scripts to complete specific tasks where needed on a client-by-client basis.


What kind of reports will you provide?2023-06-08T06:12:49-05:00

For PPC and SEO services we use to provide easy-to-understand reports that integrate all major ad platforms and services (Google Ads, Microsft Ads, Meta/Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, CallRail, Google Analytics, Pingdom, SEMrush, and others) into one document.

You’ll be able to see and compare major KPIs between platforms, campaigns, and reporting periods at a glance. Monthly reports are provided within a few business days after month-end and include analysis and recommendations for the coming month. Upon request, we also offer a client dashboard that provides real-time performance reporting.

Can I temporarily suspend campaign management services?2023-06-08T06:11:03-05:00

Suspending our services is allowed providing it is for a period of a month or more and we are notified in advance. Furthermore, we allow a maximum of 3 months suspension in any given calendar year. During service suspension, campaigns must be paused.

We do not allow ‘toggling,’ the practice of intermittently activating our services while campaigns continue to run as a means of reducing our management fees. Doing so only serves to defer our services, but not reduce our workload, and does not constitute the ‘monthly’ services agreed to by both parties.


Can I pause ad campaigns?2023-06-08T06:14:08-05:00

Absolutely. Pausing campaigns for a few days or a week or two as needed is perfectly fine. They are your campaigns, after all. Please note that short-term pausing of campaigns does not suspend our services or pro-rate our monthly fees.

That said, it’s likely our fees will naturally be lower that month since they are based on a percentage of your ad spend. If you need to pause campaigns for a month or more we can arrange to suspend services – advanced notice is required.

What do you mean by Personalized Service?2023-06-08T06:15:32-05:00

We believe in close, ideally one-on-one, working relationships with our clients. It helps foster a deeper understanding of your business, faster turnaround times, and better results. You will always deal directly with the person that manages and optimizes your campaigns.

This agent will be fully hands-on and accountable for your campaigns, reports, and communications. And, if you ever have an issue, you can speak with Ed Goss, Managing Director and owner of Ten Thousand Foot View… no firewalls here!

What happens if I cancel my SEM/PPC services?2023-06-08T06:16:32-05:00

Upon receiving your written cancellation, we will terminate services at the next monthly anniversary date or any date after the next anniversary as specified in your notice. We will reconcile your account to the termination date.

Once our services are completed we’ll disconnect our access to your various ad accounts and other web assets. As the ad accounts belong to your company you will be free to access and manage them however you wish from that point forward.

Do you work with clients outside of Toronto?2020-12-15T07:52:58-05:00

Yes, absolutely. We have clients located throughout Canada and the United States.

I’ve heard SEO is cheaper than Google Ads, is it true?2022-12-21T12:26:17-05:00

SEO generally has a lower entry-level cost than Google Ads. Looking at our own example we provide SEO services from $999/month inclusive. While our Google Ads management fees start at half that, $500/month, that doesn’t include the cost of advertising; at least $2,500 and often more.

Indeed SEO is a good solution if you have a low budget to spend, and can generate a high ROI, but having said that Google Ads has many advantages:

1. Predictable and measurable results
2. New traffic and potential business immediately
3. Display your ads for ANY keywords you want
4. Adjust daily spending up/down or pause at any time
5. Precision targeting by geography
6. Use what you learn in Google Ads for future SEO campaigns
7. Send traffic to any page you want – not those Google chooses for you

What is your minimum contract length?2016-12-10T23:51:37-05:00

We don’t have contracts. Our clients pay us month to month and can cancel anytime.

What does your SEO bundle include?2020-12-15T07:55:17-05:00

The SEO bundle includes SEO audit, keyword strategy, onsite SEO, citation link building assistance and 6-months minimum of link building. Please contact us for more details.

I am having trouble selling my product/service other ways, is Google Ads the answer?2023-06-08T06:18:28-05:00

In two words, probably not. While Google Ads often generates a higher ROI than other methods of advertising it is no silver bullet on its own. If your product/service is not selling you probably have a gap in one or more of the 4 P’s of marketing; product, price, promotion, and placement.

We’d be happy to discuss your offer to see if we believe you are Google Ads “ready” and if not we may be able to help you get ready.

What Are Your Operating Hours?2023-06-08T06:20:37-05:00

Our regular business hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern (UTC – 5) except statutory holidays for the province of Ontario.  Beyond regular business hours, we are available by appointment on weekday evenings and for emergencies at other times.

For urgent matters please call 416-725-7757.

What happens if I cancel my SEO Services?2023-06-08T06:21:31-05:00

At the end of your next monthly link-building cycle, we will send you a final report.

After our services are completed we will then disconnect our access to your Google Analytics, Search Console & Webmaster Tools, website, and any other accounts. Please note that cancellation of SEO Bundles prior to the first 6-months will result in a cancellation fee.

Do you “offshore” everything?2023-06-08T06:22:31-05:00

In a word, no. We have a small team of PPC and SEO pros that are mostly located in the US & Canada. PPC management services are provided by one dedicated rep, offering a single point of care.

With respect to SEO, one dedicated rep is responsible for strategy and onsite SEO. For cost and performance considerations we outsource SEO link-building services to a US-based partner. We have been working with them for many years achieving a high level of success and client satisfaction.

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