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Top 10 New PPC Features Of 2019

We've come to the end of another year. It's time to look back at what new PPC features and innovations were the most important for small business advertisers in 2019. The "features" are not ranked and are in no particular order. 1. Pay-Per-Conversion Display Campaigns - Google Ads Most small business advertisers struggle mightily to make Google Display Network (GDN) ads convert. Sure they're brilliant for remarketing or branding; when you actually have a branding budget. But what about generating [...]

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How to Optimize Google Merchant Center

You've got your feed into Google Merchant Center, have all your products approved and are running a profitable shopping campaign. Life is good. But whether you're running Smart Shopping, standard campaigns with ROAS bidding, or a series of level-of-intent campaigns with manual bids, you could always be doing better. In this article, I'm going to show you how to supercharge Google Merchant Center to improve performance and simplify management. Optimize Your Product Titles You don't need third party feed management [...]

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5 Advanced Google Shopping Strategies

When your Google Shopping campaign isn't cutting the mustard it's time to try something new. If you've tried Smart Shopping or ROAS bidding and you just can't make the numbers work, this post is for you. Or if you still simply don't trust Google's automating bidding, this post is for you. If you're just getting starting with shopping ads, this post probably isn't for you, at least not yet. Today I'm going to go over 5 popular advanced shopping strategies [...]

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Optimize Google Ads for B2B – Avoid Consumers

For many B2Bs there's a fairly clear path to building an effective paid search keyword strategy. CRM software, payroll services, and ad agencies are all pretty easy to figure out. But when you're a B2B that sells products that consumers also use, things can get tricky. Great examples of this are Industrial HVAC companies, professional electronics stores, and office movers. Sure, you can simply include qualifier keywords like corporate or business but that could greatly curtail your reach and ability [...]

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Major Google Ads Changes For Q4-2019. Now What?

Google is in the process of making a number of major changes to its platform. Ignoring the changes is not an option for most advertisers, as these will affect campaign performance if you don't attend to them. Same-Meaning Close Variants Google has progressively broadened the scope and keywords and what search queries can trigger them. This included making "close variants" mandatory back in 2014 and adding "word-order" matches in 2017. Last fall you'd think the sky was falling when Google [...]

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