Sell online with Google Ads, MS Ads, and Facebook Ads Shopping campaigns
We provide soup to nuts set up and campaign management for online stores

Google Ads & Microsoft Ads Shopping campaigns leverage automation to display relevant ads to shoppers based on their search queries. Similarly, Facebook dynamic product ads can show more effective multi-product ads to your target audience automatically. These campaigns work by syncing your shopping cart inventory with the ad platform front ends. The result is your ads will always be shown with up to date product information and pricing. But setting up and managing these campaigns requires specialized knowledge and training. That’s why we have dedicated Shopping campaign personnel. They will assist you to get everything connected and optimized to generate the highest possible ROAS.

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eCommerce Services


All clients that sign-up for our campaign management services are entitled to 2.5 hours free per year*** towards the following:

  • Ad accounts set-up
  • Shopping feed creation & troubleshooting
  • Google/MS Merchant Center feed connection and disapproved products diagnosis
  • Merchant Center Optimization (company branding, feed rules, product reviews, promotions, scripts, etc.)
  • Google Analytics eCommerce tracking, Facebook pixels/conversions, & Remarketing lists
  • Shopping site review and recommended optimizations
  • Dynamic Remarketing web scripting
  • Custom Google Analytics configuration & conversion tracking
  • Product categorization strategy & support

Should you need more support for the services above we can provide them at our nominal hourly rate.

Ten Thousand Foot View will provide a Google Ads Shopping campaign specialist to work on your account. This is somebody that is not only a Google Ads expert but who works primarily with our eCommerce clients.

Depending on the size of your shop, budget, objectives, market niche, and other factors, your agent will build a comprehensive strategy using a combination of the following campaign types:

  • Shopping
  • Product ads in text search using ad customizers
  • Text Search (branded, special offers, clearance items, top-sellers, competitor brands, etc.)
  • Remarketing / Dynamic Remarketing
  • Video/Display ads

This is not your average shopping campaign!

Advanced Shopping tactics such as product group & query segmentation will be implemented to keep your profits climbing.

Microsoft Shopping is the next logical step after running a successful Google Ads shopping campaign.

Our specialist will assist you to get your Google Ads campaigns imported into Bing Ads and ready to go live in days rather than weeks. While MS Ads doesn’t have the range of campaigns and features of Google Ads, it offers the possibility to generate a higher ROAS due to typically lower competition.

Facebook Product Ads are a great way to reach the right audience for your products. Our assigned expert will help you to define and optimize your audience geography, devices, demographics, interests & behaviors, and more. And, depending upon your goals they will also create custom audiences so you can remarket to existing customers, visitors, and cart abandoners.

Your agent will build, test, and update your creatives** to avoid ad fatigue and ensure the best possible performance.

Quick Start!

Campaign set-up is a breeze with our client campaign registration form. This time saver captures all the information we need to expedite the building and launch of your Shopping campaigns.


Your campaign will be continuously monitored and proactively optimized. We frequently check the performance of your campaigns and look for actionable opportunities. And, when we’re not looking our custom Google Ads scripts will ensure that campaign performance is nominal.

We provide website uptime monitoring and will pause your campaigns and notify you if your website goes down. In addition, your account will receive regular internal peer reviews for quality and performance.


We use 3rd party software Swydo to generate integrated, consistent, beautiful and easy to read performance reports. Reports contain the most relevant KPIs at the top and campaign details below. Reports may be customized and scheduled to suit individual client requirements. Monthly reports include an executive summary and performance analysis plus a brief action plan for the upcoming month.

*We offer tiered pricing based on a percentage of your direct ad costs. When you spend more you pay us a lower percentage. Please contact us for full pricing details.
**Free with client-provided content.
***Up to 2.5 hours free per year for tag installation and maintenance, additional work at our nominal hourly rate.

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