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Facebook Ads can now reach 2.45 billion people worldwide and can be a great way to generate leads for your business. Newsfeed ads, in particular, appear as regular Facebook content (native ads), and can generate a great ROI when implemented correctly. We will take care of everything including strategy, creative, campaign set up, analytics, and optimization. Want to run your ads on Facebook, Instagram, or both? Get in touch today for a free consult or audit of your existing campaign.

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Our Facebook Ads Process

Facebook Ads offers more audience targeting options than any other ad platform. Standard audiences include geography, in-depth demographics, interests & behaviors, day-parting, and target exclusions. With ongoing split testing, we will hone in on the best performing audience for your offer.
In addition, we can set up remarketing audiences to target your previous website visitors or uploaded contact lists.
Even more powerful, are ‘looklike’ audiences. These audiences are generated automatically by Facebook and are based on your existing best customers.

The gold standard for measuring campaign performance is conversion tracking (recording which campaigns generate leads or sales for your business). We’ll set up Facebook conversion tracking*** on your “thank-you” page(s) so performance can be measured and optimized by demographics, interests, ads, and more. Furthermore, we’ll integrate your Facebook ad campaigns with your Google Analytics account*** so all KPIs can be tracked in one platform.

Having effective landing pages is a crucial element for a high converting ad campaign. We’ll review and assist you in designing landing pages that contain an effective layout, clear value proposition, compelling offer and strong call-to-action. We can optionally provide landing page design services and multivariate testing as needed.

An ad campaign is destined for failure without great creatives. Using professional design tools, we continuously create and test different ad creatives (images** & copy) for our clients. And, we’ll optionally employ dymanic creatives which lets Facebook automatically optimize for the best performing creative combinations.

Over time these tactics can significantly improve click-through-rates (CTR), lower cost-per-click (CPC) and yield more conversions at the same level of ad spend.

New clients complete a short online campaign registration form that ensures a correct no hassle setup and integration of their account. We employ current best-practices to continuously test and optimize creatives, audiences, and placements. Do you want to test the latest campaign type offered by Facebook? No problem, our platform knowledge is always current, we will keep you one step ahead of your competition.

We use Pingdom uptime monitoring to verify your website is online and will notify you of any outages. In addition, your account will receive regular internal peer reviews for quality and performance.

*We offer tiered pricing based on a percentage of your direct ad costs. When you spend more you pay us a lower percentage. Please contact us for full pricing details.
**One-time fees may apply for some stock imagery.
***Up to 2.5 hours free per year for tag installation and maintenance, additional work at our nominal hourly rate

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