An essential tool for businesses that receive >25% of their inbound leads from calls
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If inbound telephone calls make up a high percentage of your leads call tracking is an essential add-on for your ad campaigns. Call tracking is a 3rd party service that dynamically inserts custom phone numbers on your website and then tracks inbound calls back to the original traffic source as conversions. The service tracks calls from all major ad platforms, organic search, and referring sites through Google Analytics.

CallRail¬†integrates seamlessly with major CRM, CMS, and Analytics solutions. Don’t see your system listed? No problem, call tracking can almost always be connected via Zapier middleware. CallRail is available in all major English speaking markets.

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Call Tracking Details

Call Tracking offers two major benefits for your business:

First, by including calls as conversions, you will have a much better understanding of how your various inbound channels contribute to your client acquisition and revenue numbers. Where this can be very important, is when you offer a range of services that people respond differently to. Imagine you offer plumbing services. A potential client with a flooded basement is much more likely to call vs. fill out a web form than somebody that wants to install a new kitchen sink. Without the call tracking data, your reports would skew your conversion KPIs and send your marketing team in the wrong direction.

Second, by having more trend data, campaigns can be optimized more quickly and more efficiently. This means getting more conversions for less money, and that’s great for your bottom line.

CallRail offers a huge range of features but here’s a list of those we feel are most important:

  • Local or Toll-Free numbers
  • Keyword, ad, and campaign level call tracking (Essentials package and higher)
  • Call recording
  • Whisper messages (know the call source before you answer)
  • Conversion intelligence (lead qualification)
  • In-depth email notifications
  • Anti-spam (block telemarketers)
  • Voicemail
  • Advanced call flows
  • Detailed call metric reports
  • Automated form tracking (optional)
CallRail call report CallRail email notification CallRail Call Log

Our clients each have their own CallRail account. You can set everything up and manage it yourself or let us do the heavy lifting for you.

We’ve got you covered with hourly support services. Give us access to your new CallRail account and we will configure, install, and integrate the call tracking services with all your backend services like Google Analytics, Google Ads, MS Ads, Salesforce, or whatever.

A typical CallRail configuration takes about an hour. More complex setups such as multiple websites or custom integrations may require additional time. Our PPC clients are entitled to free CallRail configuration/maintenance services within their 2.5-hour annual allotment of tag/tracking management.

And as a Certified CallRail Partner, you can trust that you’re getting great support whenever you need it.

*CallRail fees billed directly by CallRail, toll-free and additional local numbers are available, overage fees may apply
**PPC clients are entitled to up to 2.5 hours free per year for tag installation and maintenance including CallRail, additional work at our nominal hourly rate

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