Here’s a handy list of resources for digital marketers. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch with us.

As a Google Premier Partner & Microsoft Ads Partner we can grant $100 coupons for Google Ads and MS Ads to some of our clients. Please contact us to see if you qualify.

Google Grants is a program whereby Google will grant $10,000/month in free Google Ads search advertising to charitable organizations. There are some restrictions such as a CPC bid maximum and lack of Remarketing/Display ads, but hey, $10K in paid search is nothing to sneeze at!

Google Ads Search Ad Template is our own creation. If you need to develop text ads in the new Expanded format this is just the thing. Play around with different concepts and copy. Send yourself a copy via email when you’re happy with your creation.

Google Ads Scripts Compilation is just what it sounds like. Somebody put together a list of over 140 ready-made AdWords scripts.

Google Shopping Insights is a tool that shows popularity and trends for products across the US using heat maps. This can be helpful if you’re selling consumer goods either via Shopping or regular Search campaigns.

A/B Significance Test is a free calculator from ‘Get Data Driven’ that will calculate the conversion rates for a split test (ads, landing page variations, etc.) show the confidence in a winner by % and provide a simple Yes/No answer to whether the variance is relevant.

GA Checker will scan your entire website and verify what Google Analytics & Google AdWords scripts are installed. Works like a charm and saves a ton of time.

Google URL Builder is a free tool for generating campaign tracking codes for any type of online ad campaign. When you add unique tracking codes to your landing page url you’ll be able to monitor/measure your results in Google Analytics. This is indispensable for any marketer.

Branded Search Ads Calculator is a free spreadsheet we’ve created that will help you figure out if it makes financial sense to advertise your own product/company brands in Google Ads when you already rank well organically for those keywords.

Mobile-Friendly Test from Google, is a tool to for testing if a web page is mobile friendly. This is important with Google’s new mobile ranking factor for organic search results.

SEMrush is a brilliant tool we use to see what keywords and ads your competitors are using in Google Ads. This is invaluable for ensuring we are not missing out on any potential search revenue streams.

Twitter Feed is an excellent free tool for automating posting to your various social media accounts. is a tool for monitoring and managing social conversations. Easy to use FREE basic edition.

Facebook Text Overlay Tool is a free tool from Facebook that will let you test your ad images to see if you comply with Facebook’s 20% maximum text rule.

Instapage is the landing page creation and multivariate split testing tool we use for our clients and our own marketing efforts. Super easy to use, amazing templates, great pricing, and more!

Canva is a brilliant banner creation tool. Has presets for Facebook, Instagram, and traditional banner sizes. Use their designs our build your own in minutes.

Streak is a simple but powerful CRM plug-in for GMail that supports full collaboration with your colleagues. Completely free for now.

Pexels offers over 10,000 free stock photos for commercial or non-commercial use. With a great search engine and top-notch quality, you may never buy stock photos again!

Our blog has tons of great tips and guides on digital marketing. You can also follow our blog from the links below via LinkedIn, Facebook or even RSS feed (so 2000’s).

Moz Guide to SEO is everything you need to know about SEO from the leaders in SEO.

Marketing terms courtesy of Wikipedia.

We had a great experience with Ten Thousand Foot View in managing our Adwords campaigns. Our costs came down and our conversion rates went up as a result of all the hard work that was put in. Great job guys!
Russel Johansen, MyPaperCups
Ten Thousand Foot View worked with us to understand our market and what we looked for in a customer and set up an effective campaign that drives well-qualified traffic to our site. We appreciated the quick, clear communication as well as monthly updates, and look forward to future collaboration.
Chris Fisher, Translation Vine
Extremely professional, always willing to talk and give recommendations. We are very satisfied with performance.
Matthew Pait, Koncorp
I was doing my own PPC management and had inconsistent results. Four months later, I have 5 listings, and just closed 6 deals. My advice is trust the Ten Thousand Foot View team, they will steer you in the right direction. If you ever want to talk to me, feel free to reach out and I'll share my experience..
Hani Faraj, Vancouver House Finders