5 Advanced Google Shopping Strategies

When your Google Shopping campaign isn't cutting the mustard it's time to try something new. If you've tried Smart Shopping or ROAS bidding and you just can't make the numbers work, this post is for you. Or if you still simply don't trust Google's automating bidding, this post is for you. If you're just getting starting with shopping ads, this [...]

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Optimize Google Ads for B2B – Avoid Consumers

For many B2Bs there's a fairly clear path to building an effective paid search keyword strategy. CRM software, payroll services, and ad agencies are all pretty easy to figure out. But when you're a B2B that sells products that consumers also use, things can get tricky. Great examples of this are Industrial HVAC companies, professional electronics stores, and office movers. [...]

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Major Google Ads Changes For Q4-2019. Now What?

Google is in the process of making a number of major changes to its platform. Ignoring the changes is not an option for most advertisers, as these will affect campaign performance if you don't attend to them. Same-Meaning Close Variants Google has progressively broadened the scope and keywords and what search queries can trigger them. This included making "close variants" [...]

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The Right Google Bidding Strategy For You

Google offers an ever-growing list of bidding strategies. Unless you're a seasoned pro it can be difficult to understand why or where you should use one over the other. All things being equal, don't we all want to "maximize our conversions?" The answer is, not exactly. In today's article, I'll run through all available (and one upcoming) bidding strategy, explain [...]

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Top-Down Vs. Bottom-Up Google Ads Campaign Strategy

When you launch a new Google Ads campaign you invariably need to choose an aggressive or conservative strategy. Which option is best? An aggressive approach, which we'll call "top-down" gets its name from the top-line of a P&L (Profit & Loss) or Income statement. Wherein the top line is revenue, this approach is aimed at driving high conversion volume. As such, [...]

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Best Google Ads New Features From Marketing Live 2019

Google just completed its annual Marketing Live event for 2019. Each year they announce a swath of new Google Ads (and other ad products) features that are upcoming or launching immediately. This year the unstated theme seemed to be adding more inventory and placements. Shortly, advertisers will be getting access to: Discovery Ads - large format mixed content ads that [...]

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