New Google Ads YouTube Channel Launched

This is a bit of a different post this month. I'm happy to announce that we've been producing new content for our very old and neglected Google Ads YouTube channel. As of September 18th, the channel already features 20 Google Ads Tips Videos and many more are on the way. In the future other types of content will be produced [...]

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How To Avoid Google Ads Death Spirals

As an agency owner, I hear stories about Google campaigns "randomly" tanking all the time. And while this can and does happen, there's a discoverable root cause in 95%+ of cases. So what's really going on, why does this happen, and how can you prevent it in the future? In this article, I'll explore Google Ads "death spirals," why they [...]

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Is Google Ads Remarketing History?

Google Ads remarketing has been a key part of the funnel for many years. Whether using GDN, RLSAs, YouTube or Discovery, most advertisers generate a nice volume of incremental conversions. But recently I've noticed a pretty significant change happening. Some of these changes resulted from external forces such as what third parties are up to or Google having to address [...]

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Google Ads for Home Buyers

In this continuing series for specific industries, I'm covering Google Ads for Home Buyers in this article. For clarity, home buyers are often referred to as "house flippers" and most are in the business of buying homes, fixing them up, and selling them for a profit. However, that's not the only business model for home buyers as I'll describe later [...]

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Google Advertiser Verification Program Q&A

If you haven't been asked to verify your Google Ads account yet you probably will be very shortly. The Google Advertiser Verification Program was slow-tracked over the past couple of years. But starting in April we've seen a big uptick in the number of clients Google has sent notices for. In this article I'll explain what the program entails, how [...]

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Building Effective Google Ads Audience Signals

Google's Performance-Max campaigns heralded a new way to target audiences. Rather than direct targeting, Google introduced audience "signals" which instead use aggregate targeting to identify your ideal users. The Google Ads audience signals targeting method is akin to Facebook's Lookalikes. But instead of matching to a single list of users, "signals" incorporates virtually all possible audience targeting methods. The main [...]

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