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PPC Marketing & COVID-19

It's a tough time for everyone during COVID-19, and clearly our top priority has to be the preservation of human life. If you're a small business owner/manager, you're probably among the group that's under tremendous pressure. You're not only responsible for your own livelihood, but also to help put food on the table for your employees, sub-contractors, and suppliers. Everything and everybody is, of course, connected. Making the right moves at the right time is paramount. In this article, I'm [...]

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Talking Online Marketing With Tyler From “The DL”

I recently sat down with Tyler Roberson from Diesel Laptops (brilliant longtime client) to discuss online marketing for their "The DL" podcast. The original post with podcast summary is available on the Diesel Laptops blog. Full Transcript Tyler Roberson: Welcome to the DL, the podcast show that talks about everything to do with truck repair and diagnostics for the heavy truck and construction industry. I am your host, Tyler Robertson the CEO and founder of Diesel Laptops. Welcome to the [...]

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Why We Switched from Yoast to Rank Math

As an SEO agency, we've been using Yoast for several years for our Wordpress clients. With a wide range of free features and a paid upgrade for additional functionality, it has been our swiss-army knife for WP websites. However, there is a new tool that offers more functionality and is truly free. Enter Rank Math. Okay, so why use Rank Math instead of the tried and true Yoast? Size Matters Here's what our typical onsite SEO stack looked like with [...]

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Top 10 New PPC Features Of 2019

We've come to the end of another year. It's time to look back at what new PPC features and innovations were the most important for small business advertisers in 2019. The "features" are not ranked and are in no particular order. 1. Pay-Per-Conversion Display Campaigns - Google Ads Most small business advertisers struggle mightily to make Google Display Network (GDN) ads convert. Sure they're brilliant for remarketing or branding; when you actually have a branding budget. But what about generating [...]

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How to Optimize Google Merchant Center

You've got your feed into Google Merchant Center, have all your products approved and are running a profitable shopping campaign. Life is good. But whether you're running Smart Shopping, standard campaigns with ROAS bidding, or a series of level-of-intent campaigns with manual bids, you could always be doing better. In this article, I'm going to show you how to supercharge Google Merchant Center to improve performance and simplify management. Optimize Your Product Titles You don't need third party feed management [...]

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Shopping Campaigns

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Landing Pages

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