Apple’s Privacy Update Impact to Facebook Ads Round Table

I recently participated in a round table discussion about Smart Bidding and the upcoming changes with FB and Apple's iOS14 privacy policies. The podcast was hosted by Dean Hua of Sachi Studio. Other guests included Tom Beckerle of jWeb Media and Amy Hebdon of Paid Search Magic. Below you'll find Part II of the session where we discussed Apple's privacy update and impact to FB Ads. In addition, we each make our big PPC predictions for 2021. Here's a direct [...]

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Ad Agencies and Security Matters

Have you spent any time to think about what your agency is doing with your intellectual property? Who, exactly, has access to your ads account, website, and customer data? And, what does your agency do to ensure your data is actually being protected from hacking? And, what happens if your agency does something really stupid with your campaign like spend 100x as much as your agreed budget? There are several elements to ensuring you and your invaluable data is protected. [...]

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PPC Marketing & COVID-19

It's a tough time for everyone during COVID-19, and clearly our top priority has to be the preservation of human life. If you're a small business owner/manager, you're probably among the group that's under tremendous pressure. You're not only responsible for your own livelihood, but also to help put food on the table for your employees, sub-contractors, and suppliers. Everything and everybody is, of course, connected. Making the right moves at the right time is paramount. In this article, I'm [...]

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Talking Online Marketing With Tyler From “The DL”

I recently sat down with Tyler Roberson from Diesel Laptops (brilliant longtime client) to discuss online marketing for their "The DL" podcast. The original post with podcast summary is available on the Diesel Laptops blog. Full Transcript Tyler Roberson: Welcome to the DL, the podcast show that talks about everything to do with truck repair and diagnostics for the heavy truck and construction industry. I am your host, Tyler Robertson the CEO and founder of Diesel Laptops. Welcome to the [...]

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PPC Agency Vs. Freelancer Vs. DIY

Today I'm going to tackle the age-old question of whether you should manage your PPC (pay-per-click) advertising in-house, outsource to a freelancer, or outsource to an agency. What's best for your business will depend on many factors. But mainly, it'll depend on your ad budget, the complexity of your business, and in-house expertise. Furthermore, what's best today, might not be best in a year from now. I'm going to break everything down in terms of what's most appropriate for each level of ad [...]

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Shopping Campaigns

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