Which PPC Management Fee Structure Is Right For You?

A big part of assessing what agency or consultant to use includes their pricing model. In this post, I'll discuss the most common PPC pricing models and the pros and cons for each. While there are a lot of exotic hybrid or combination pricing models I'll stick to the basics. The four main PPC pricing options are a percentage of ad spend, fixed price, performance-based, and hourly. I'll run down how each one works in some detail. Percentage of Ad [...]

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The Simple 3-Step Method to Scale Facebook Campaigns

Originally posted October 6th, 2017, updated on July 9th, 2019 One of the most common Facebook Ads issues I see is improper campaign scaling. Tell me if this sounds like you. You launch a small campaign and optimize it for a few weeks, eventually getting a really good CPA. Time to scale up, so you increase your daily ad budget from say $50 to $250. Two or three days later, you suddenly realize it's all gone to hell. First, let [...]

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Must Have Chrome Extensions For SEO & PPC

SEOs & PPC Marketers tend to be extremely busy people. Any edge you can gain to improve efficiency enhances what you do. Today I'm going to provide you with my personal list of Chrome Extensions for SEO and PPC power users. If you use Firefox, don't worry... most of these browser Extensions do exist for that browser too. Note that I have excluded popular Extensions that require paid accounts to use most of the utility, e.g. Mozbar. SEO Page Analysis There [...]

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Best Resources for Google AdWords News & Info

One key to high performing campaigns is keeping pace with the evolution of Google AdWords. But how do you stay on top of the constant barrage of announced & unannounced changes/features? Today I'm going to share my own personal list of Google AdWords resources. Follow these to learn how to effectively implement new features, and to find out what's coming next. And, if you're not quite sure about how some existing features work, I'm also throwing in the best places for [...]

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New Spam Legislation in Canada Starting July 1st – Facebook to the Rescue!

If you use email marketing in Canada and your contacts have not "opted in" under the upcoming Canadian Spam Legislation you may be at a loss for what to do after July 1st. In case you didn't already know, effective July 1st, 2014 all contacts on your email distribution list must officially opt-in for you to be in compliance. If you are in the habit of scraping contacts, buying contact lists or using lists you have access to through association you need to [...]

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Shopping Campaigns

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