Ten Thousand Foot View has chosen Swydo.com as our AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and SEO reporting system. Over several months we evaluated options and included our clients in the final selection process. Response from clients indicated a strong preference for Swydo over standard Adwords/Bing Ads reports.

Here’s a Full Sample Report in PDF format.

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Swydo offers many enhanced features and benefits:

1. Consolidated reports

Swydo reports integrate an executive summary, top-level KPIs and detailed tables/charts from ad platforms and Google Analytics into one easy to read and beautiful report.

2. Customization

Reports can be easily customized with KPIs and data sets to meet specific client requirements or to highlight trends. Our standard reports go out with the Ten Thousand Foot View logo and contact information. If you’d prefer to have your own branding/information on the report we can easily arrange that.

3. Trending

Reports show % change from previous reporting period making it clear whether or not performance is improving across each relevant KPI.

4. Automation

Upon request, we can set up scheduled reports that are automatically emailed to clients at desired intervals (daily, weekly, etc.).

5. Existing & Upcoming Integrations

Swydo has continued to add a number of platform integrations over time including Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Ads, as well as CallRail and other services. While we don’t know for sure, we expect that Amazon Ads is probably in the pipeline.

If you are an existing client you have already started to receive your reports in the new format. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to request customized/scheduled reports.

Indeed, our switch to Swydo will result in a greatly enhanced client experience. Goodbye multiple spreadsheets, PDFs and emails… hello one easy to read report!

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