Bing Listing

Bing Local is now Bing Places and is available in Canada and most countries. Bing Places like Google Places is a citation directory for businesses. Registering your business yields several benefits:

Enhanced Bing Listing

When you register your business with Bing Places you can add content that describes your business, photos, videos and address/phone number that will show up in your Bing search results. This can dramatically improve click-through-rates and get more relevant visitors to your website.

Bing Maps Listing

Your business will be listed in Bing Maps and will show up in regular Bing Search “near” results further improving your chances of being found.


Bing Places is a very high quality citation link that will give your website a boost across the board in local search rankings, not only in Bing and Yahoo but also in Google.

How To

The process is pretty straight forward for registering your business:

1. Surf to and click “Get Started”

2. Login to the Bing account you wish to associate with your business or create a new Bing account

3. Search for your business in the directory and claim it, or if not found register a new business

4. Complete ALL of the fields provided, attach your logo, relevant photos for your business and link to videos

5. Enter your PIN number to verify your registration (this will arrive in the mail in about a week or so)

Bing Places registration has only been available in Canada since October so now is the time to get a head start on your competitors. Register now to get a great boost in your rankings and other benefits.

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