We provide fully integrated search engine marketing services to suit most budgets
Google Ads or MS Ads Management services are offered on a tiered-pricing basis

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can quickly generate highly targeted traffic to your website that results in more sales for your business. With a focus on conversions rather than clicks, we develop campaigns that yield a maximum ROI. Our integrated Google Ads & Microsoft Ads solutions include everything you need to start earning more income from your website starting in just 2-3 business days.

If you’re new to Google Ads you may also qualify for $100 in free ad credits through our Google Partner program.

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Our SEM Process

One of the most important aspects of SEM is a solid keyword strategy. We use professional keyword research tools combined with years of experience to find the absolute best keywords for your campaign. The number of keywords we start with will depend largely upon your budget, competitive landscape, and market niche. In addition, we will set up broad, phrase or exact keyword matching along with negative keywords to ensure a proper balance between volume and quality. Just as important as keyword strategy is targeting. We will work with you to determine appropriate targeting for your offer including geography, language, devices (mobile, tablet, computer), audience, demographics, and ad scheduling.

Form Submission Tracking***

The gold standard for measuring campaign performance is conversion tracking (recording which campaigns generate leads or sales for your business). We’ll set up conversion tracking on your “thank-you” page(s) so performance can be measured and optimized by campaign, ad group, ads, and even individual keywords. Furthermore, we’ll integrate your Google Ads and/or MS Ads campaigns with your Google Analytics account so all KPIs can be tracked in one platform.

Call Tracking***

If inbound telephone calls make up a high percentage of your leads Call Tracking is an essential add-on for your paid search campaigns. Call Tracking is a 3rd party service that dynamically inserts custom phone numbers on your website and then tracks inbound calls back to Google Ads, MS Ads, and other traffic sources as conversions. Learn more about our call tracking services.

Having effective landing pages is a crucial element for a high converting ad campaign. We’ll review and assist you in designing landing pages that contain an effective layout, clear value proposition, compelling offer and strong call-to-action. We can optionally provide landing page design services and multivariate testing as needed.

An ad campaign is destined for failure without great creatives. We continuously write and test different ad creatives for our clients. Over time this can significantly improve click-through-rates (CTR), lower cost-per-click (CPC) and yield higher conversion rates. Where appropriate we will include ad extensions such as callouts, price, sitelinks, telephone, location, structured snippets, and more to enhance your campaign performance. We work from scratch or incorporate your own ideas into the ads. Whether you need text search ads, image ads**, YouTube video ads**, or app ads, we’ve got you covered.

We use 3rd party software (Swydo.com) to generate integrated, consistent, beautiful and easy to read performance reports. Reports contain the most relevant KPIs at the top and campaign details below. Reports may be customized and scheduled to suit individual client requirements. Monthly reports include an executive summary and performance analysis plus a brief action plan for the upcoming month.

Sample Report

Our clients enjoy active campaign management. We employ a data-driven optimization process based on statistically relevant data trends. This includes keyword and bidding strategies, ad/extension split testing, as well as adjustments to location targeting, device bids, ad schedules, and demographic targeting.

How do we optimize for conversions? We work based on a target cost per acquisition amount (CPA). We reduce cost-per-click (CPC) and increase click-through-rate CTR by optimizing across all dimensions of your campaign. Finally, we bid up on high converting keywords towards the desired CPA for more clicks. This generates the highest number of conversions while maintaining a desirable acquisition cost.

Need to change your offer, tweak your benefits, or adjust targeting? No problem, we will work with you to ensure that campaign creative and targeting always align with your latest objectives and messaging.

We will also implement the latest features from Google Ads & MS Ads, typically within a few days of launch. This ensures you stay ahead of your competition.

We have created custom Google Ads scripts that monitor the health of your campaigns. We will notify you within 24-hours if your campaign goes down due to an expired credit card or some other glitch. We provide website uptime monitoring and will pause your campaigns if your website goes down. In addition, your account will receive regular internal peer reviews for quality and performance.

You will always work directly with the agent that manages your account. All of our agents are Google Ads & Microsoft Ads certified.

*We offer tiered pricing based on a percentage of your direct ad costs. When you spend more you pay us a lower percentage. Please contact us for full pricing details.
**Free with client-provided content.
***Up to 2.5 hours free per year for tag installation and maintenance, additional work at our nominal hourly rate

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