Instapage Templates

We’ve been flying under the radar for a while with this tool. For the past 9 months, we’ve been using as our go-to Landing Page development and split testing platform. We first learned about Instapage when they commented on our Optimizely or Unbounce comparison article (October 2013).

Curious we took the platform for a test drive for a couple of months. Initially, we found that the product was pretty basic and lacked many of the advanced tools of the more established competitors. Slowly but surely, however, Instapage has become a VERY robust platform for developing and split testing landing pages.

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Why Instapage?

Put simply, this is the best tool we’ve found for quickly developing killer landing pages that convert like crazy.

We love the following elements of Instapage:

  • Over 70 high-quality templates for a wide range of landing page needs including mobile
  • Super easy to use drag and drop HTML5 interface
  • Easy integration with Google Analytics and conversion tracking setup
  • Dead simple integration on WordPress sites
  • Easy to control page variations and experiments
  • Ability to separate projects into client folders and allow read or read/write access at the user/page level
  • Prebuilt 3rd party integrations for all major email marketing platforms and big CRMs like Salesforce
  • Rapid deployment of new features driven by user demand

With all of this and a great monthly price, it is hard to beat Instapage. To date, we’ve built dozens of client pages and have seen a 45% overall conversion rate increase vs. what clients used to use.

Still, there are some things about Instapage we don’t love and that need fixing:

  • Installation for non WordPress sites requires the creation of a custom CNAME record making for ugly domain names, conversion tracking issues and complications with less tech-savvy clients
  • There is no way to create a custom event upon form submission (for conversion tracking) so every client setup requires a custom “thank-you” page in addition to the landing page(s)
  • There are no multi-select copy/paste or alignment tools so routine tasks like creating a number of custom bullets require many tedious steps

Really, though, these are minor issues when you consider how well Instapage works.

Our Landing Page Service

As I mentioned off the top we’ve been providing landing page development & A/B (or multivariate) testing services with Instapage for almost a year now and we’ve learned a lot. To further enhance the service we’ve recently contracted with a professional landing page and graphics designer that knows Instapage inside out.

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