Go daddy callouts

Always innovating, Google recently announced and then started rolling out new “Callouts” Ad Extensions for Google AdWords. The new Callouts ad extensions allow advertisers to add another line of text to their text ads to promote unique offers and benefits such as free shipping, 24/7 support, special promotions and more.

How Callouts Work

Callouts are simply short blurbs of text that feature benefits or offers to your prospective audience. Callouts can be up to 25 characters long, however it is recommended to keep them to 12-15 characters so more callouts (up to 4) can be displayed in each ad. You may assign Callouts at the Campaign or Ad Group level, set them to be device specific, and schedule them to show at specific times. Like many other Ad Extensions, Callouts will be displayed selectively by Google; typically only when your ads are at the top of the page. Callouts don’t cost any extra but you can expect to see an increase in click-through-rate resulting in a lower CPC and more opportunities for conversions.

For full details on Callout Ad Extensions head over to Google’s Callout support page.

How Callouts Are Different From Sitelinks

Callouts in many respects are the same as Sitelinks with one major distinction. Whereas Sitelinks each link to a specific page, Callouts don’t link to anything. The major use for Callouts, therefore, is to highlight benefits and features that appear on your designated landing page for each Ad Group.

Here’s an example of 4 Callouts for a Plumbing company:

1. 24/7 Emergency Service

2. Fully Certified

3. Free Estimates

4. 30 Day Guarantee

These are clearly features and benefits that would appear on the landing page.

In contrast, Sitelinks for the same company might be:

1. Get a Quote

2. About Us

3. Services

4. Payment Options


Callout Ad Extensions are a great way to stand out from your competition. Furthermore, you can punch up your ad text by focusing on your unique value proposition rather than trying to cram in a bunch of features & benefits (that will now appear in your Callouts). Keep in mind, though, that this is only applicable for campaigns with high ad placement (position 1 or 2).

We will be rolling out Callouts for our clients where appropriate in the coming weeks.

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