This article was updated on Jun 9th, 2022.

One key to high-performing campaigns is keeping pace with the evolution of Google Ads. But how do you stay on top of the constant barrage of announced & unannounced changes/features?

Today I’m going to share my own personal list of Google Ads resources. Follow these to learn how to effectively implement new features, and to find out what’s coming next. And, if you’re not quite sure about how some existing features work, I’m also throwing in the best places for training, tips, and Q&A.

Google Ads News

Search Engine Land

This is my ‘go-to’ search engine news source. The independent blog provides unbiased news about all things search engine. If you do any kind of search marketing (Ads, Microsoft Ads, or SEO) you should catch up with their articles frequently.

Search Engine Journal

Very similar to Search Engine Land, here’s your alternative source for all the news in search marketing.

Google Ads and Commerce Blog

This is Google Ads’ official blog. Here Google announces and provides details for some of their new features. The articles have a promotional spin but are also informative. Many blogs that write about AdWords link back here; you can cut out the middleman.

WordStream Blog

WordStream was a best-selling Google Ads management solution before a recent merger. They write a pretty darn good blog chock full of articles about new Google Ads features. What’s interesting about this, is as a Google Ads developer, they often get early access to new features. I frequently see articles detailing new features weeks before they’re available in my client accounts. On the downside, there is a lot of self-promotion (ads, opt-ins, and other calls-to-action); ignore those and you’ll get value from this resource.

Paid Search Feature Logs

New Google Ads Features

Google keeps a monthly log of new AdWords features right here. I check this out at least once a month to see if I’ve missed anything. The log is super easy to use, links directly to updated help articles, and any related ‘Inside Ads’ posts. There are often small but important changes here that don’t get press; be on the lookout for those. But also, some major new features do not make their way into this log. For example, there is no mention of Extended Text Ads (July 2016) or the ability to adjust tablet bids (September 2016). Umm, what? It’s hard to understand how those major upgrades were left out… pays to use more than one resource to stay on top of Ads.

New Microsoft Ads Features

Hey, this is just like the New Ads Features log, except it is for Microsoft Ads… imagine that!

Paid Search Help

First off, if you have any technical problems with Google or Microsoft, they both have free support options. You can call or reach IM support during regular business hours. They are very helpful and can assist you with most of your technical questions in just a couple of minutes.

Google Ads Help

The top menu for all Google AdWords ‘help’ resources. Google does a pretty decent job of explaining the technical interworkings of Google AdWords. Here you’ll find general help articles, video tutorials, account walkthroughs, best practices (take with a grain of salt), and more.

MS Ads Help

Deja Vu, all over again!

Google Ads Community

A Google+ moderated community for Google Ads. Here you can interact with other Ads’ folks and Google support staff to exchange ideas and get help with common Google Ads questions.

Reddit PPC Subreddit

This is where you can get answers to complex Google Ads, MS Ads, and Facebook Ads questions. It is an open forum but mostly advanced PPC ads users hang out here. If you have an application question such as how to use feature ‘x’ to achieve result ‘y’ you should visit here. I frequently answer questions here and recently became a moderator.

Search Advertising and PPC Subreddit

Very similar to the PPC Subreddit this one focuses specifically on advanced PPC methods and questions.

Paid Search Training

Google Ads Certification

Google’s comprehensive Ads training program. Google has changed the program frequently, now including it in their Skillshop. If you are going to provide Google Ads services this is an absolute must. If you are an advertiser this is still well worth taking if you plan to manage campaigns yourself. Courses are conveniently divided by campaign type.

MS Ads Accreditation

Microsoft’s program is similar to Google’s. The training and accreditation process and materials are similar to what Google offers.

God Tier Ads

This 3rd party course is perfect for advanced Google Ads users looking to become top experts. It’s US$500-600 depending on the version but well worth it.

Paid Search Consultants

Clutch is the go-to directory for quality PPC and other types of marketing agencies. The agencies are legit and the reviews are performed by telephone with real clients. You can find our listing here.


Another reputable directory for PPC ad agencies.


I hope you find these resources helpful in your Google Ads journey. If you’d like an easy way to follow search marketing-related news, tips, and resources consider following one of my social media channels. I curate and post the most relevant & important updates to keep you in the know. To follow choose one or more of the social media options at the top right of this page

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