Social Media Ads are Dead, What Now?

To say that the title of this post is an over-dramatization would be a fair assessment. But due to a confluence of industry changes, social media ads performance may be dropping like a rock. Apple's big privacy update (IFDA) has rolled out and so far only about 4% of US iOS users have opted in for tracking Third-party tracking cookies are on their way out by the end of 2022 Ongoing privacy concerns are driving social media giants to scale [...]

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Twitter Advertising Now Available in Canada

Twitter has just launched their popular "Twitter Ads" advertising platform for Canadian businesses. As a brand new way to advertise in Canada with a huge reach (over 1/3rd of Canadians have a Twitter account) it is a great time to jump onboard before your competitors do! In Canada the platform currently affords three kinds of advertising campaigns that can help you with branding and/or lead generation: Promoted Tweets Promoted Tweets targets your selected Tweets by either Keywords or Interest targeting [...]

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Social Media Run Down (Which Services To Use For Your Business)

There are so many content sharing services available now it can be very confusing and hard to keep up. First and most importantly, you DO NOT need to have a company page on every social media site.  In fact, doing so will likely end up being inefficient, time-consuming and unproductive. It will be far better to focus your efforts on one, two or possibly three different services maximum.  If you can automate posting to all of these services from your [...]

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Use Twitter Feed to Post Your Content to Twitter and Facebook

Twitter Feed ( is a free web-based utility that automates posting from your website or blog RSS feed to your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts. If you're using any of the popular blogging platforms or content management systems you probably already have an RSS feed. Your RSS feed can be found at  Many systems allow you to customize the feed but most of these settings are irrelevant to Twitter Feed. Once you register just add your RSS feed(s), add your [...]

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Using for Social Media Monitoring

Starting and maintaining a credible social media presence is a big challenge for many companies. The vast majority of companies' approach is to focus on pushing out promotional messages through a variety of popular services like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Linked and so forth. In most instances, this process is kept up for a few months and while there is some initial traction growth slows to a crawl and social media is abandoned. Socially aware businesses have moved beyond that [...]

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