Twitter Feed ( is a free web-based utility that automates posting from your website or blog RSS feed to your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts.

If you’re using any of the popular blogging platforms or content management systems you probably already have an RSS feed. Your RSS feed can be found at  Many systems allow you to customize the feed but most of these settings are irrelevant to Twitter Feed.

Once you register just add your RSS feed(s), add your social account information and you are done…. set it and forget it.

Twitter Feed has numerous optional settings if you want to customize your posts:

  • Update frequency
  • Set post content (title, description, title & description)
  • Whether or not you want to post links and whether or not to use built-in URL shortening
  • Prefixes and suffixes
  • Keyword filters
Twitter Feed can be used to also support LinkedIn but LinkedIn recently turned off RSS feed support.  Like us, you’ll have to continue to manually update your feeds if you’re using LinkedIn to communicate with your audience. Perhaps in the future, Twitter Feed will find a way to work with LinkedIn again.
Until then you can still automate both Twitter and Facebook posts which can save you a ton of time and improve productivity.
If you want a simple and free post automation tool Twitter Feed may be the right choice for you.
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