Bing Ads

Even with the integration of Bing & Yahoo search tools and their incremental gains in search share Bing Ads still only gets about 15% of the traffic that Google Adwords does.

Why then, should you bother with the second biggest search ads platform?

There are a number of reasons why you should consider using Bing Ads in addition to Google Adwords:

1. Higher Conversion Rate

There are a number of theories of why Bing Search converts better but the leading thinking is that most people using Bing do so because they are not internet savvy and just use what came pre-installed on their computer.  Furthermore, the same group may be less discerning with their internet and online shopping habits.

2. Lower Cost Per Click

Bing Ads is far less competitive than Google Adwords so you can bid lower for the same keywords you already use in Adwords and you can bid for additional highly competitive keywords that may be out of reach in Google’s Ad Network.

3. Fresh Traffic

Most consumers don’t switch back and forth between search engines. If you’ve been running Google Adwords for a while you are likely getting some of the same people clicking on your ads over and over again. This activity will start to drive down your conversion rates over time. An influx of fresh new visitors from Bing Ads is a like reaching a whole new market for your products and services.

Putting it all Together

When you combine these three factors it becomes clear that there may be new sales opportunities with Bing Ads.  Adding Bing Ads to your existing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) program is a great strategy for companies that would like to see an increase in ROI or for companies that are missing out on keyword opportunities that are too competitive for their budget.

Bing Ads has a great set of tools for importing keywords/bids and other information from your existing Google Adwords account.  Bing Ads does have a radically different interface and toolset, however, so it can be a little confusing to set up and manage without any training.  Microsoft offers extensive free training for Bing Ads or alternatively, you can hire a consultant to help.

Ten Thousand Foot View is a Bing Partner.

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