Top 10 New PPC Features of 2020

For many, the end of 2020 couldn't come fast enough. As an agency, we saw COVID shut down a number of our clients, witnessed big brands back away from Facebook & YouTube Ads, and experienced crazy-bad performance while political ads gobbled up inventory. On the positive side, our online shopping clients enjoyed massive gains. Despite being such a down year for our industry, there were some great innovations in pay-per-click. As with previous years, the best new PPC features are [...]

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How to Get the Most From Your PPC Agency

In most cases, a PPC agency will transform your Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other paid channels into a much more profitable venture. However, this isn't always the outcome. If you set up your agency to fail, they are going to fail. Instead, consider following this advice to dramatically increase the odds for success. Assign a Project Leader If your company has several stakeholders, pick somebody to act as the main point of contact. Ideally, this person will be armed with [...]

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Top 10 New PPC Features Of 2019

We've come to the end of another year. It's time to look back at what new PPC features and innovations were the most important for small business advertisers in 2019. The "features" are not ranked and are in no particular order. 1. Pay-Per-Conversion Display Campaigns - Google Ads Most small business advertisers struggle mightily to make Google Display Network (GDN) ads convert. Sure they're brilliant for remarketing or branding; when you actually have a branding budget. But what about generating [...]

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PPC Agency Vs. Freelancer Vs. DIY

Today I'm going to tackle the age-old question of whether you should manage your PPC (pay-per-click) advertising in-house, outsource to a freelancer, or outsource to an agency. What's best for your business will depend on many factors. But mainly, it'll depend on your ad budget, the complexity of your business, and in-house expertise. Furthermore, what's best today, might not be best in a year from now. I'm going to break everything down in terms of what's most appropriate for each level of ad [...]

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10-Steps To Reduce Google Ads Spend And Lower CPA

Is your mandate to reduce spending on Google Ads and lower CPA down to a more affordable level? Here are the 10-steps you can take today to immediately and dramatically reduce your spending and CPA. These are provided in order of greatest to least impact. 1. Stop Low Performing Campaigns Depending on how much you wish to reduce ad spend, you may want to simply pause low performing campaigns completely. Display & video campaigns (other than for remarketing) are great [...]

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