Title tags

The Title Tag is the single most important on-page element for SEO next to the overall page content.

The Title Tag is the main text that describes the page content.  In addition to affecting search rankings the Title Tag will appear in search engine results. Thus a good Title Tag will produce a higher click-through rate.  What if our search result just said “Ten Thousand Foot View?”

Anatomy of a Perfect Title Tag 1

Title Tags also appear on browser tabs as a navigation aid and Title Tags will typically be used by external sites and particularly by social media sites.

If you don’t use a content management system or tag generation tool for your website a properly formatted title tag appears in the head section of your HTML code like this:

<title>Your Title</title>

The optimal format for a Title Tag is:

Main Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand


Brand | Primary and Secondary Keywords

A Title Tag must be no more than 70 characters in length or it will be truncated by the search engines.

If you haven’t optimized your Title Tags you’re really missing out.  With very little work you may see huge improvements in your search rankings.

If you don’t have a keyword strategy in place consider checking which keywords you already rank well for from your Analytics report and then optimize the Title Tags with those keywords.

Of course, we strongly recommend having an overall keyword strategy for your website and that you fully optimize each page and post.

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