ten thousand foot view logo light

Today we at Ten Thousand Foot View are proud to introduce our new corporate logo.

The new logo is a modern “flat” design that incorporates our company name and a skydiver graphic. In some versions, we include the descriptor “digital marketing.”  The color scheme has stayed true to the grey and orange used throughout our collateral materials and advertising.

The previous design (2012), seen below, was plain and incorporated just the company name and descriptor which was “digital marketing for small business.”  Now that we serve some larger clients we felt dropping the “small business” and making the logo more memorable was an important step in our evolution. The skydiver element represents the view from 10,000 feet, which is close to the typical jump altitude for sport skydiving.

Ten Thousand Foot View Old Logo

If you ever wondered where our company name came from – when we launched in 2002 “ten thousand foot view” was a commonly used business term that describes the process of assessing the workings of an entity, organization, business and so forth. Indeed when we first opened we provided business development consulting that included all departments of a given business. As the business model changed over the years there was some thought in re-branding but in the end the name just kind of stuck.

For a look way back here is our 2002 logo version… my how things have changed for the better!