We offer all-in-one Amazon Ads management including account set-up,
search engine optimization, and on-going paid campaign management

With almost half of all online sales, Amazon is the biggest consumer goods marketplace in North America. Whether you want to sell exclusively on Amazon or expand beyond your current online store, we’ve got a solution for you. Yes, we work with Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands (formerly Headline Search Ads), and Product Display Ads.

Let us handle account setup, content development, SEO, and paid campaign management. We’ll take care of everything to ensure you get up and running with a profitable account, and will help you scale from there.

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Our Amazon Ads Process

Over the first few weeks we will perform extensive keyword research using the user intent funnel to identify keyword opportunities around brand, product, competitors, complementary, substitutable and discovery themes prioritizing bottom of the funnel keywords.

We will launch automatic and manual broad keyword campaigns and begin the keyword harvesting process. As these campaigns run we use the search term reports to look for opportunities in the market and to understand searchers’ behavior.

We use this strategy to build relevant campaigns that run at a low ACoS. The broad match manual campaigns are eventually phased out, negative keywords are added to the auto campaigns. We are left with highly relevant, strong performing and focused manual campaigns as well as highly optimized auto campaigns in continuous discovery mode with a minimum budget depending on ACoS thresholds.

Using what we learned from the keyword research phase we’ll recommend keywords to integrate into listings and update the backend search terms to ensure the structured data for the products being advertised are optimized for search.

This will generate more organic sales in addition to the paid campaigns we’ll run for you. And, as we drive more customers to your products, your Amazon reputation will get a boost, leading to even better organic keyword rankings.

As we move out of the research phase we will begin to scale sponsored products campaigns focusing on additional match types. We will start to segment campaigns based on keyword themes. And we’ll continue to harvest keywords from automatic campaigns.

We will launch sponsored brands (formerly headline search ads) focusing on branded and highly converting keywords. We will use the natural language of the searcher and run split tests on images, featured products and language used in the ad.

If you’ll be working with vendor central we’ll also launch product display ads at this time. We’ll use Amazon’s recommendations, first page search results for most relevant search queries, targeting competitor products and a defensive strategy to protect listings.

We use 3rd party software (Swydo.com) to generate integrated, consistent, beautiful and easy to read performance reports. Reports contain the most relevant KPIs at the top and campaign details below. Reports may be scheduled monthly and/or bi-weekly to suit individual client requirements. Monthly reports include an executive summary and performance analysis plus a brief action plan for the upcoming month.

Your account manager will schedule monthly calls to discuss performance and opportunities within Amazon.

Our clients enjoy active campaign management. We employ a data-driven optimization process based on statistically significant data trends. We work with PPC Scope software for our Seller Central clients. The software expedites campaign optimization allow us to grow your profits faster and more efficiently.

You will always work directly with the agent that manages your account. All of our account managers are Amazon Sponsored Ads & DSP Certified and have years of hands-on Amazon Ads experience.

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