Do you offer SEO services?

If you've visited before you might have seen that we offered SEO services. We've decided to focus only on PPC services to deliver even better performance for our clients. That said, if you're looking for a great SEO service, please contact us, and we'll refer you to a top-notch company.

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How do you calculate the 66% increase in conversions?

We compare 3 months prior to starting with the first 3 months working with a new client. We then calculate the weighted average, adjusted for ad spend, and round to the nearest whole number. Our first round of calculations was performed in February of 2018 with a result of 59%. We updated our calculations in August 2021 and again in July 2023 and arrived at the current result of 66%. Note: we exclude (don't count) client accounts that go through [...]

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What do you mean by Personalized Service?

We believe in close, ideally one-on-one, working relationships with our clients. It helps foster a deeper understanding of your business, faster turnaround times, and better results. You will always deal directly with the person that manages and optimizes your campaigns. This agent will be fully hands-on and accountable for your campaigns, reports, and communications. And, if you ever have an issue, you can speak with Ed Goss, Managing Director and owner of Ten Thousand Foot View... no firewalls here!

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I am having trouble selling my product/service other ways, is Google Ads the answer?

In two words, probably not. While Google Ads often generates a higher ROI than other methods of advertising it is no silver bullet on its own. If your product/service is not selling you probably have a gap in one or more of the 4 P’s of marketing; product, price, promotion, and placement. We’d be happy to discuss your offer to see if we believe you are Google Ads "ready" and if not we may be able to help you get [...]

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Shopping Campaigns

Sell your products with Google Ads, MS Ads, and Facebook Ads Shopping campaigns. We provide soup to nuts set-up and campaign management for online stores. Have Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce or Magento? We've got you covered.

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Landing Pages

Drive more conversions without increasing your ad spend with turn-key landing pages. Landing pages are just $249/each + $99/month per account for hosting, split-testing, and maintenance.

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