We’ve implemented 3 custom Google Ads scripts that we use universally:

Daily Metrics – This script outputs comparative client account KPIs by day, week, and month into an easily digestible spreadsheet report we check each day. This allows us to quickly monitor for any variance from the nominal performance. It’s very helpful in catching problems like overspending, drops in conversion rate, credit card payment issues, and so forth.

Link Checker – This script checks that all client ad and site link extension links are pointing to valid landing pages, i.e. not an error or soft landing 404 page. This has saved clients a lot of wasted ad spend. The script runs daily and sends us an email with details if any issues are found.

Disapproved Products Checker – This script (for our Google Shopping clients) checks the number of SKUs in Merchant Center that are disapproved and sends us a notice if the number goes beyond a preset target threshold. This script runs daily and facilitates a rapid response to any major shopping feed issues.

In addition, we use a range of speciality scripts to complete specific tasks where needed on a client-by-client basis.