What are the benefits of working with a Google Premier Partner?

Google Premier Partners make up just 3% of all Google Partners. These agencies have demonstrated an outstanding mastery of Google Ads and consistent-continuous growth for their portfolio of clients. Working with a Premier Partner ensures that you are working with top experts in the field. In addition, Premier Partners have dedicated Google reps to assist with strategic account management, access to special training programs, and early access to closed-beta features. All Google Partners are required to maintain accounts above a [...]

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Are there ad spend minimums for your PPC services?

Yes, our clients must spend an average of at least $2.5K/month in direct ad costs. This ensures that: (a) we have enough clicks and/or conversions each month to properly optimize your campaigns, and (b) that our fees don't represent an unreasonably high overhead relative to direct ad costs If this amount of budget is a stretch for your company, we're simply not the right fit.

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What automated Google Ads scripts do you use?

We've implemented 4 custom Google Ads scripts that we use universally: Daily Metrics - This script outputs comparative client account KPIs by day, week, and month into an easily digestible spreadsheet report we check each day. This allows us to quickly monitor for any variance from the nominal performance. It's very helpful in catching problems like overspending, drops in conversion rate, credit card payment issues, and so forth. Link Checker - This script checks that all client ad and site [...]

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What kind of reports will you provide?

For PPC services we use Swydo.com to provide easy to understand reports that integrate all major ad platforms (Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and others) into one document. You'll be able to see and compare major KPIs between platforms, campaigns, and reporting periods at a glance. Monthly reports are provided within a few business days after month-end and include analysis and recommendations for the coming month. Upon request, we also offer a client dashboard that provides realtime performance reporting.

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Can I temporarily suspend campaign management services?

Suspending our services is allowed providing it is for a period of a month or more and we are notified in advance. Furthermore, we allow a maximum of 3-months suspension in any given calendar year. During service suspension, campaigns must be paused. We do not allow 'toggling,' the practice of intermittently activating our services while campaigns continue to run as a means of lowering our management fees. Doing so only serves to defer our services, but not reduce our workload, [...]

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Shopping Campaigns

Sell your products with Google Ads, MS Ads, and Facebook Ads Shopping campaigns. We provide soup to nuts set-up and campaign management for online stores. Have Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce or Magento? We've got you covered.

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Landing Pages

Drive more conversions without increasing your ad spend with turn-key landing pages. Landing pages are just $199/each + $49/month per account for hosting, split-testing, and maintenance.

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